Front Range League Meet


Julian Dulaney qualified for State in both the 100 and 200M Dash.

So sorry for the late recap of the Conference Meet. There were a number of results that were a clear indication of things to come at State. Andrew Barlow continued to raise the bar in the pole vault, this time clearing 15′ 4″ and breaking his own school record. In the process, he came away with the win and an all-conference title. Isaac Green easily won the 800 and came away with an all-conference title as well. On this day, there was no school record for Isaac as the school record he chases was also the state record set by Kirk Webb. If you’ve seen Isaac race, it seems silly to bet against him. Only a freshman, the future is very bright for Isaac!

Overall, the team ran very well. Athletes that set a new PR are listed below. Seniors are listed in boldface…to PR in your last meet deserves recognition!


100 Meter Dash Kyra Blackstock
200 Meter Dash Kaylee Zamastil
400 Meter Dash Jensen Avey
800 Meter Run Nathalie Teissier
1600 Meter Run Holly Bent Anna Hogan
3200 Meter Run Holly Bent
100 Meter Hurdles Julia Pereira-Schmidt
300 Meter Hurdles Carly Donner Sheridan Paul Monica Mah
Long Jump Monica Mah
High Jump Alison Stouffer
Shot Put Autumn Johnson
Discus Autumn Johnson


100 Meter Dash Chad Sloan
200 Meter Dash Julian Dulaney Bruce Oliver
400 Meter Dash Noah Pelsmaeker
800 Meter Run Riley Sorbo
1600 Meter Run Isaac Green
3200 Meter Run Tyger Roch Max Ruth
Pole Vault Andrew Barlow Sean Chen
Shot Put Nico Heineke-Magri

MoHi’s State Meet Qualifiers


The traffic jam in last year’s girls 4 x 800 relay.

The Colorado High School Athletic Association just announced State Meet qualifiers. The State Meet is reached by having a time, jump or throw in the top 18 in the State posted throughout the season. Additionally, some athletes may qualify for more than four events and their coach much decide which event they will scratch from. When this happens, the 19th (and so on) athlete moves up in the rankings. Below is a listing of Mohi athletes, the events they qualified in and the day and time of their race at State.

On the guys side:
Andrew Barlow – Pole Vault – Thursday 5/15 – 8:30 a.m.
Ben Beauchamp – High Jump – Thursday 5/15 – 8:30 a.m.
Julian Dulaney – 100 Meter Dash – Thursday 5/15 – 9:00 a.m.
Julian Dulaney – 200 Meter Dash – Thursday 5/15 – 12:55 p.m.
Isaac Green – 800 Meter Run – Friday 5/16 – 12:55 p.m.
Isaac Green – 1600 Meter Run – Saturday 5/17 – 4:15 p.m.
Tyger Roch – 1600 Meter Run – Saturday 5/17 – 4:15 p.m.
Tyger Roch – 3200 Meter Run – Thursday 5/15 – 9:30 a.m.
Chay Weaver – 1600 Meter Run – Saturday 5/17 – 4:15 p.m.
Isaac Green, Tyger Roch, Parker Sitton & Chay Weaver – 4 X 800 Relay – Thursday – 11:55 a.m.

On the girls side:
Kaitlyn Benner – 1600 Meter Run – Saturday 5/17 – 4:05 p.m.
Kaitlyn Benner – 3200 Meter Run – Thursday 5/15 – 9:15 a.m.
Holly Bent – 1600 Meter Run – Saturday 5/17 – 4:05 p.m.
Holly Bent – 3200 Meter Run – Thursday 5/15 – 9:15 a.m.
Claire Green – 800 Meter Run – Friday 5/16 – 12:50 p.m.
Claire Green – 1600 Meter Run – Saturday 5/17 – 4:05 p.m.
Ashley Litoff – 3200 Meter Run – Thursday 5/15 – 9:15 a.m.
Elissa Mann – 400 Meter Dash – Thursday 5/15 – 11:05 a.m.
Elissa Mann – 800 Meter Run – Friday 5/16 – 12:50 p.m.
Kaitlyn Benner, Claire Green, Elissa Mann & Karina Mann – 4 x 800 Relay – Thursday – 11:40 a.m.
Claire Green, Elissa Mann, Karina Mann & Nathalie Teissier – 4 X 400 Relay – Friday – 4:00 p.m.


A Chess Game On The Track

I’m sure a number of people are wondering why I’ve not posted any results from the first day of Leagues on Tuesday. There is an unwritten rule that League results not be published during the final week of the season until all of the League meets have been completed. All Leagues do not run their conference meet on the same days. Since participation in the State meet is dictated by having a time, jump or throw that ranks in the top 18 in the state, the knowledge of results from meets happening earlier in the week might change which event an athlete runs in their meet later in the week. This is the time of the season where coaches gamble that their athlete’s top 18 time is secure enough that they can run the athlete in a relay in hopes of qualifying the relay for State and giving more kids the opportunity to race in the State meet.

That said, another school record fell on Tuesday…stay tuned!

Times Trending Lower

There were three meets contested last weekend, the JV League Championship, the St. Vrain Invitational and the Thornton Last Chance Meet. A large majority of our athletes were on the track at least once, and many ran in multiple meets. A common thread for most of the kids was that they ran their best times of the season.

Front Range JV League Championships
This meet was originally scheduled at Fairview, but was shifted up to Fort Collins at the last minute. As has been the case in many meets this spring, the wind took center stage and wreaked havoc with many of the events. The PR list:
Zach Ichiyasu and Brian Phan in the 100, Jack Herrmann and Caycee Reese in the 800, Rhett Stockebrand in the 1600, Alexa Keller in the 100 and Emily Hoffman in the 800.

St. Vrain Invitational
This meet, as mentioned previously, had a little bit of everything. Missing from last year’s meet was the jumbotron, but the entertainment value didn’t miss a beat. Sitting in the stands, watching the elite pole vaulters and clapping in unison in hopes of seeing the bar cleared gives the meet a “big time” feeling. Throw in races where the top times in the state were run and you have a special evening. The PR list:
Elissa Mann lowered her own school record in the 400 and Nathalie Teissier and Jensen Avey also ran PRs in the event. Claire Green is less than a half a second from going “sub 5” in the 1600 and once again lowered her PR. Julia Pereira-Schmidt, continued to make the most of her “exchange student” year and lowered her PR in both hurdle events, the 300 by a whopping 10 seconds. Chloe Bernard and Kyra Blackstock continued to take tenths off of the 100 and 200 and Holly Bent ran another solid 3200.
Julian Dulaney continued his strong season in the sprints, this time lowering his 200 PR…as did Cameron Quast and Sam Lopez. Cameron, along with Derek Wright also lowered his 400 PR. In the 800, Isaac Green continued his incredible freshman season with another strong race and both Greg Hibl and Riley Sorbo also lower their times. All three guys ran PRs in the 1600 with Tyger Roch nosing out Chay Weaver at the finish with Parker Sitton close behind.

Thornton Last Chance Meet
With the St. Vrain meet ending at 10:00 Friday night…this meet sneaks up on you early the next morning. That didn’t stop a few from once again saving their best for last.  The PR list:
Senior Ben Beauchamp has to lead off this list. His high jump PR has been 6′ 1″ since his sophomore year. Two weeks ago, he inched up to 6′ 2 and tied the school record. And so it was, with the kick of his heels…he cleared 6′ 3″ on Saturday and wrote his name in the school record book. Kavin Wijeskekara ducked under the 12 second barrier in the 100 for the first time. Zach Ichiyasu added to his PRs in the 100 and 200 on Thursday with a PR in the 400 and Max Ruth again lowered his 1600 time.
Senior Autumn Johnson, out for track for the first time, made the most of her throws in the discus and the shot put before heading off to the Big Apple next year to study theatre. Kaylee Zamastil lowered her PR in the 200 and Jensen Avey added to her 400 PR on Friday with a PR in the 800 at this meet.

If you would like to see an athlete’s progression, click on the roster page. There you will find the athlete’s meet times from this season as well as their season bests throughout their career.

“Can’t Miss” Track Meet

Ben HJ

Ben Beauchamp cleared 6′ 2″ last week.

“Track Meet”…I’m not sure the term does the St. Vrain Invitational justice…it is truly an event! Year in and year out, this meet is always at the top of the list for “total track experience”. There are professional athletes competing in “All Star” events like the 100 & 200 Meter Dash as well as an All Star Mile and Pole Vault competition. They set the pole vault up in the center of the football field so it’s very fan friendly and viewable. In fact everything about the meet is fan friendly. They have a large video screen that shows races as well as race results…pretty much in real time. Additionally the announcing is done with the fan in mind…very informative and enjoyable. Mark Roberts (Lyons Coach) is the meet director and does a fantastic job along with the folks at Longmont High School to keep the meet on schedule and efficient. Typically a number of “state bests” come from this meet as the high profile meet attracts some of the top talent around.

If all of that doesn’t spark your interest, consider this, MileSplit is nationally streaming three high school meets live to their subscribers this weekend…and you guessed it…the St. Vrain Invitational is one of them.

I could go on…or you could just show up…hope to see you there.

Two Meets and a Prom

Liberty Bell Invitational Highlights

4X8libertyOn Saturday the boys 4 X 800 meter relay team ran this year’s fastest time in the state and broke the MoHi school record. The team of Parker Sitton, Chay Weaver, Tyger Roch and Isaac Green finished in 7:58.67…well under the previous record of 8:05.71 set in 2011. To give you a little perspective. Nationally, there have been over 23,000 schools post a time in the 4 x 800 meter relay this year…MoHi ranks 58th!

The two day meet saw several other Coyotes set personal bests including:

100 Meter Hurdles – Alison Stouffer / 200 Meter Dash – Carly Donner / 800 Meter Run – Elissa Mann & Holly Bent / 3200 Meter Run – Holly Bent Guys: 400 Meter Dash – Julian Dulaney / 800 Meter Run – Isaac Green / 3200 Meter Run – Tyger Roch / High Jump – Ben Beauchamp / Pole Vault – Sean Chen

LoboCat Invitational Highlights

This meet was contested at French Field in Fort Collins on Friday and also produced quite a few personal bests.

100 Meter Hurdles – Julia Pereira-Schmidt / 200 Meter Dash – Julia Pereira-Schmidt & Kyra Blackstock 300 Meter Hurdles – Sheridan Paul / 400 Meter Dash – Nathalie Teissier & Katie Johnson
1600 Meter Run – Elissa Mann / 3200 Meter Run – Daisy Fuchs Guys: 100 Meter Dash – Zach Hilliard 200 Meter Dash – Sam Lopez & Derek Wright / 400 Meter Dash – Noah Pelsmaeker / 800 Meter Run – Riley Sorbo / Long Jump – Noah Pelsmaeker / Shot Put & Discus – Jason Gallmeyer


With meets on both Friday and Saturday…followed by Prom Saturday evening, it’s good to be young!!!

BoCo Championships

IMG_9946Very few meets bring out the best in the MoHi Track Team like BoCo does. The meet, in its 38th year, is put on for the public schools in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley school districts. Needless to say, when bragging rights are on the line, it should come as no surprise that school records, personal records, and even a meet record were set by MoHi runners.

Of the 26 girls that toed the line at BoCo, 19 set Personal Records, 2 set School Records and 1 set a Meet Record.

Chloe Bernard – 100 Meter Dash
Kyra Blackstock, Kaylee Zamastil – 200 Meter Dash
Jensen Avey, Katie Johnson, Elissa Mann, Julia Pereira-Schmidt – 400 Meter Dash
Kate Brunette, Nathalie Teissier – 800 Meter Run
Claire Green, Ashley Litoff, Alyssa Reese – 1600 Meter Run
Kaitlyn Benner, Daisy Fuchs – 3200 Meter Run
Drew Bussanmas, Carly Donner, Sheridan Paul – 100 Meter Hurdles
Carly Donner, Monica Mah – 300 Meter Hurdles

Claire Green broke the BoCo meet record for the 800 meter run that was set by Elise Cranny last year. Kaitlyn Benner lowered her own 3200 meter school record and Elissa Mann did the same to her 400 meter school record.

On the guys side, 23 athletes participated on Saturday, setting 14 Personal Records.

Julian Dulaney, Bruce Oliver, Kavin Wijesekara – 200 Meter Dash
Zach Hilliard, Noah Pelsmaeker – 400 Meter Dash
Fred Austin, Ben Hogan, Chay Weaver – 1600 Meter Run
Greg Hibl, Max Ruth, Matt Tubbs – 3200 Meter Run
Alec Clement – 300 Meter Hurdles
Luke Arnsberger – Long Jump & Triple Jump

If you’d like to look at specific results for any of the above athletes, there are a couple of options. Select the roster tab at the left and choose the athlete’s page, or select the results page for links to specific meet results. It’s likely I’ve missed someone above…apologies if so!

Solid Results


Alison Stouffer set a PR at Mountain Range

Mountain Range Mustang Invitational

Saturday’s meet at Mountain Range High School featured 23 team and saw the Coyote’s place 2nd in both the boys and girls final standings.

The guys were paced by wins from Julian Dulaney in the 200 Meter Dash and Andrew Barlow in the Pole Vault. The guys earned points in 8 of the 18 events including sprints, distance, relays as well as jumps.

The girls only win came in the 4 X 800 Meter Relay. The team of Kaitlyn Benner, Karina Mann, Elissa Mann and Claire Green ran the fastest time in the state and their time of 9:16.43 ranks second nationally. Much like the boys, the girls team placed in 11/19 events.

Horizon JV Meet

Friday’s JV meet at Horizon High School did not keep “official” meet results that count towards State rankings. Since most meets limit the number of entries to two or three individuals, meets like Horizon are a way for all of the athletes on the team to get a chance to compete. There were 15 athletes that made the most of the opportunity and were able to better their season best marks at this meet.

State Rankings Update

The top 18 in each event qualify for the State Meet at season’s end. Currently there are 10 guys seeded in the top 18 in seven different events as well as two of our relay teams. The girls have 14 individuals in six events with two relays as well. That number changes each week as meet results are posted. 

Be sure to check out the results page for more information. Individual athletes results can also be found on their roster page.

A Week Of Records


Congratulations go out to senior Claire Green for bettering her school record in the 800 meter run to 2:12.66. Her time is currently the fastest across all classifications in the state of Colorado.

While Clarie was setting the school record, this week found many other athletes setting Personal Records (PRs) of their own.

Chloe Bernard in both the 200 & 400. Carly Donner in the 100m Hurdles. Autumn Johnson in the the Discus and Shot. Jamie Lyon in the Triple Jump. Elissa Mann in the 800.

Logan Burgess in the Triple Jump. Isaac Green, Jack Herrmann and Riley Sorbo in the 800. Ben Hogan in both the 1600 & 3200. Tyger Roch in the 3200. Greg Hibl, Max Ruth and Parker Sitton in the 1600. 

While not every athlete set a PR this week, many others lowered their season best times en route to what they hope will lead to new PRs. There are still six weeks until the season ending State Meet. Plenty of time left for improvement!

It was great to get three meets in this past week. Fort Collins Runners Roost rescheduled their snowed out meet to Wednesday, the cold and windy Broomfield Shootout took place Friday and Saturday brought beautiful weather for the Longmont Invitational. Even though this was spring break and many athletes were missing, those that stuck around made the most of their opportunities! Check the results page for meet results and state rankings.